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This website was created to bring to the public's attention the gross incompetence of New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. Despite letting the fat cats of Wall Street slip away without a single conviction following the worst financial collapse in this nation's history – leaving more than 20% of all homes in New York still underwater -- in the last year, Eric Schneiderman has instructed his office of more than 650 attorneys to instead focus their attention -- and significant taxpayer resources -- on far more mundane matters such as preventing the merger of two online food ordering services, cracking down on the owner of a Brooklyn tortilla factory for workers’ compensation violations and prosecuting a Suffolk car wash owner for not properly distributing tips to workers, all in an effort to pursue his own personal political agenda in advance of the next election.

In the case of Trump University, the situation is even more disturbing.  While Schneiderman’s investigation into Trump University first arose out of a larger inquiry into for-profit schools that accepted federal funding, his office quickly learned that neither Trump University nor its students had ever received any form of federal funding, subsidies or other government aid and offered all of its students a 3 day money back guarantee if they were not completely satisfied.  Despite learning these facts, for the last two years, Schneiderman’s office has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars conducting a no holds barred, scorched earth investigation, assigning as many as ten of his staff members to interview former Trump University employees and review literally hundreds of thousands of pages of documents.  Making matters worse, Schneiderman chose to devote such valuable taxpayer dollars to looking into Trump University even though there was already a class action lawsuit pending in California brought by the firm of disgraced former lawyers and convicted felons Bill Lerach and Mel Weiss.

And what did Schneiderman’s office find after wasting so much of the taxpayers’ hard earned money?  Exactly what Trump University told the Attorney General on day one – that as much as 98% of those students who participated in Trump University programs were not only satisfied with their Trump University experience, but would recommend the program to a friend.

"The training was excellent, best real estate training I have attended.” – BK

“Thank you for a great, informative, energizing, helpful, practical & fun seminar.” – JT
“This opened my eyes to real estate opportunities.” – KV
“Great presentation!” –WC “Excellent information. Thank you all!” – VP
“This seminar really opened my eyes.  Thank you so much, you are truly excellent!” – II
“I am never disappointed when I come to a Trump seminar.” – PM
“I learned more than expected.  The staff were all powerful and outstanding.  What a great team to be a part of!” – JL
“Well presented. Well organized. Excellent teachers.”  - CC

These are just a few of the comments by the more than 10,000 former Trump University students who filled out surveys sharing their experiences. 98% approval. That’s a better approval rating than even Harvard.  Let’s be real: if this weren’t Trump, there would be no investigation!
However, this is not the first time Eric Schneiderman has used his stature as Attorney General for his own political gain or to attack critics of President Obama.  Indeed, one recent New York Post article entitled, “Democratic Hit Man”, rightfully pointed out that while Schneiderman, elected with a paper thin resume, “seems to spare no expense in attacking critics of President Obama but hasn’t lifted an investigative finger when it comes to the sleaze involving fat cats in his own party.” According to the article, the backlash against Schneiderman’s one-sided tactics has gotten so bad that “the ‘investigate Schneiderman’ movement is gaining traction among congressional Republicans, particularly in the House Financial Services Committee.”  Just as significant, the calls for an investigation into Schneiderman’s tactics arose even before it was revealed that former State Senator Shirley Huntley had provided information to the FBI that Schneiderman was engaging in corruption and other illicit dealings. Given all of this, together with the fact that Schneiderman has accepted political contributions from the same lawyers suing Trump University in California, is there any doubt that with a 98% approval rating from its students and a 3 day money back guarantee, that Schneiderman’s investigation into Trump University is nothing more than a politically motivated witch hunt?

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.  Unlike reading a newspaper article, here you can find all of the evidence to substantiate the facts: more than 10,000 handwritten surveys filled out by former Trump University showing a 98% approval rating, video of former Trump University students, including Tarla Makaeff, who despite stating on video that “I thought today was great.  All of the speakers were really good”, is now the named plaintiff in a class action lawsuit in California demanding a refund, and news articles documenting Eric Schneiderman’s abuse and misuse of the New York Attorney General’s Office for his own political gain. 

You have heard the allegations, now see the facts, see the evidence and make your own judgment about how your hard earned tax dollars are being wasted.